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We are a NON profit group of people seeking the answers to all things paranormal.
We all have a passion for finding the truth that is out there when it comes to the paranormal.
On our site you will find all the evidence we have collected and continue to collect.

What We Do

We come in and try to find reasons for what you are experiencing.
We do not automatically assume things are paranormal.
We will use different equipment to see if possibly you have high emf readings
Which can cause feelings of fear, dread, nausea etc
When you contact us we will come in as soon as possible
especially when children are involved.
Our main goal is to find the "true" answers as to what is happening
in your home or business.

You will find links to other paranormal groups on our table below.
Be sure to check them out also. They are all wonderful groups
and most of them have been to our home to investigate.
Please feel free to email us if you need to have an investigation done
or just have some pictures stories etc to share with us.
There is NEVER any charge for our services.
We do this because we are passionate about helping others
and finding answers to anything paranormal.
We are not here just to explore "ghosts"
We also want to explore other unexplained paranormal things such as:
Big foot--UFOS--The paulding light Anything considered paranormal. :)

What We Don't Do

We don't charge for any of our services, investigations.
We also don't employ or use ouija boards, psychics, mediums,
or other skeptical or dangerous forms of communication with the unknown.

Below you will find a table with our links to all pages.
Feel free to email us or call us at 641 660 3974

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